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Learn about what we can do for individual contributors, managers, and teams at your organization.

It’s ordinary to have parts about your work you like and don’t.

Only half of workers are satisfied with their jobs according to the Pew Research Center.

That means it is perfectly normal to be dissatisfied at work.

If you want something different for your career or your team’s dynamic, there’s action to take.

An Exceptional Life’s Coaching Program

Whether you’d like to be heard more at work, build a resilient and supportive team, or accomplish amazing things, you should feel excited and empowered by your career.

Here’s what makes our program different from other professional coaching offerings.

Retainer Program

Each week, your coach will cover distinctions like Responsibility, Communication, and Integrity while also being available to you for additional calls as needed at no charge during the 12-week program.

Tailored to
Your Situation

Your life, work, and dreams are unique to you and your situation. The distinctions we cover during the program are tailored to what you’re dealing with and what you want to accomplish. You can go as fast or as slow through them as you need to.

Grounded by
Logic and Reality

Our Owner, Matt Stephans has a B.S. in Mathematics and has supervised thousands to successful program completion through straightforward discussions about reality and our perceptions of it. Nothing “woo-woo.”



“As a manager, I’m responsible for achieving business results by enabling my direct reports to perform at their highest levels. An Exceptional Life’s coaching program helps the way I personally show up and empowers my team to solve the challenges of the day, motivating them to do their best work, and improving both communication and accountability.”

— Jason Davis – Sales Manager


“Matt has a thorough knowledge of the coaching process and proved to be intuitive, reliable, incisive, trustworthy, inspiring and a brilliant communicator. He brought out the best in me, I am the better for having known Matt. It is my pleasure to recommend AEL to anyone seeking a great coach.”

— Ross Barnett – General Manager


“One of the keys to AEL’s coaching is that they help you create structures to support what changes you want to make in life… it has a powerful impact on having the life you want”

— Jennifer Gasaway – Front Desk


“Matt directly and gently gets you right up in the face of the things you need to be dealing with but can’t or don’t want to see, so you are free to address those things in the best way possible. Best of all, the stories and explanations he uses to get you grounded in a ‘coached-life’ are some of the best I’ve heard.”

— Judith Manriquez – Coach, ICF


“Matt’s approach to life is uncommon and freeing. He deals with the facts while being compassionate and sympathetic to your concerns. He “gets” what you’re going through and then he gets you out of it”

— David Fried – DKF Writing Services


“AEL is committed to each and every person in the world living the fullest and best life possible”

— K. Tryce – Team Lead

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Meet Our Coach

We care about your success and we haven’t even met you yet! Matt has achieved the highest certification from the leading worldwide coaching organization. He’s supervised thousands to successful program completion and has coached hundreds of people individually.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about Coaching

Therapy focuses on mental health, coaching focuses on helping you achieve goals or to get unstuck. If you are seeking help with a diagnosed condition, addiction, major trauma, or suicidal ideations then a licensed therapist would be best.

Throughout the 3-month program, you’ll have calls at least once a week. You also have access to your coach between the weekly scheduled calls via, text, email, and phone. To get the most out of coaching we encourage you to reach out to your coach when you see signs of progress, have questions, feel stuck, or when you’re having a breakthrough or a breakdown.

Each week there will be a 60-minute scheduled call and an assignment that will take no more than 90 minutes. To get the most out of coaching you’ll also be encouraged to continually think about and practice what you’ve learned throughout the program.

We bring the left brain and the right brain together. While some coaches emphasize energy or spirituality, what we focus on is empowering you to take actions and have conversations that will profoundly change your life.

That means you have access to your coach beyond the scheduled number of calls in your program. That means you have access to him outside of the scheduled call times. You may text, call, or email him, and he’ll respond as soon as he’s available. Some clients take full advantage of this, others don’t. Regardless, don’t be shy about reaching out to your coach if you want to talk something through.

Everything you share is confidential, we will never share your story or your accomplishments without your permission. We will never do or push you to do anything that will cause you or others harm.

The power of “distinguishing” between one thing and another is that it has the power to make the invisible, visible.

Throughout the program, we look at the world from certain viewpoints like Gratitude, Responsibility, and Creation. We distinguish (define) these terms to allow us to see the world in a different way. By drawing distinctions, we are given access to new actions, which allows us to produce new results.

Drawing distinctions in our day gives us power to see things we would not have seen if we hadn’t clarified or “distinguished” certain things in our words and actions.

Coaching is a conversation between you and your coach where you share what you’re dealing with and what you want to accomplish in your life. A coach’s job is to help you win your game. Your coach helps you figure out what is important to you and how to be true to that by asking you good questions. You are going to be asked to do things you don’t want to do; otherwise, you would already be doing them! You’re going to be asked to look in at places that are uncomfortable to look at. You’re going to be asked to have conversations you’ve avoided or don’t want to have. Being coached is hard work and what you will get out of it is a direct reflection of the effort you put in.

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