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At An Exceptional Life, we coach people like you to choose who they want to become.

Whether you want to be powerful and determined to reach a personal or professional goal, find your peace in a chaotic world, or have your marriage feel the way it did on your honeymoon again, we empower you with tools and techniques to create a life for yourself that you can’t wait to keep living. Our goal is to help you become your most exceptional self, whichever that may be. Through life coaching, experiences, and resources we provide, you will learn how to conquer the obstacles in your life and start creating a life of peace, happiness, success, and fulfillment for yourself.

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We have been empowering people and changing lives since 2005.


“AEL is committed to each and every person in the world living the fullest and best life possible”

— K. Tryce – Team Lead


“Matt has a thorough knowledge of the coaching process and proved to be intuitive, reliable, incisive, trustworthy, inspiring and a brilliant communicator. He brought out the best in me, I am the better for having known Matt. It is my pleasure to recommend AEL to anyone seeking a great coach.”

— Ross Barnett – General Manager


“One of the keys to AEL’s coaching is that they help you create structures to support what changes you want to make in life… it has a powerful impact on having the life you want”

— Jennifer Gasaway – Front Desk


“Matt directly and gently gets you right up in the face of the things you need to be dealing with but can’t or don’t want to see, so you are free to address those things in the best way possible. Best of all, the stories and explanations he uses to get you grounded in a ‘coached-life’ are some of the best I’ve heard.”

— Judith Manriquez – Coach, ICF


“Matt’s approach to life is uncommon and freeing. He deals with the facts while being compassionate and sympathetic to your concerns. He “gets” what you’re going through and then he gets you out of it”

— David Fried – DKF Writing Services

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Meet Our Coach

We care about your success and we haven’t even met you yet! Matt has achieved the highest certification from the leading worldwide coaching organization. He’s supervised thousands to successful program completion and has coached hundreds of people individually.

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We could write a book about all the ways Matt has been crucial to the success of our relationship. Perhaps the wisest decision we ever made as a couple was to meet with him every month in the year after our wedding — to build a strong foundation of communication and creation for our marriage. The program has paid dividends for the decade since then. Everyone needs a coach in their life, and we highly recommend you select this one.

— David & Angela – 12-Years Married

Personal Development

AEL has a very good coaching approach. Where other coaches have just been good on knowledge and very wise, Matt started to work with the stuff that really mattered to my future growth. He didn’t give up before he was sure I had made a decision on what action to take. Matt really does follow up on his commitment as a coach and I feel he truly cares about me reaching my dreams.

— Kjetil Brattvik – Oil Rig Operations Planner


Matt is a true soul that cares about the bond of a relationship. Matt went over and beyond to help create what my husband and I wanted in our relationship. Prior to the wedding, we had working sessions that were both emotional and impactful. The wedding ended up being a fantastic success and we thank Matt for all the help throughout the process.

— Kim – Bride


I’m lucky to have signed up for AEL’s coaching program when I did. I had been on the fast career track for 12+ years in tech and even after making VP knew something was missing. My coach helped me define who I am and what I want. It was hard work but my life has changed forever. I’m now making my passion project my career and started my own company. I’m happier with my professional life than I’ve ever been.

— J.K. – Cofounder

Management & Culture Coaching

As with any growing business we were constantly facing new challenges and my relationship with my co-founder had become strained. We found Matt and it was a success from the beginning. We created core values for ourselves and the business and had Matt meet regularly with the team. Matt restored our relationship, the team we’d built, and our company culture.

— Alyson Shirey – Cofounder


I feel very grateful to both AEL and my employer for offering such support and being committed to having people be better for having had them in their life, that is truly exceptional.

— Jennifer Gasaway – Front Desk

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