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The principles and distinctions that form the basis of the coaching at An Exceptional Life are used in all areas of life. Even so, it is quite common for clients to request coaching in a specific area of life.

Below are some of those areas and how coaching might look.


The most common area that people want coaching in is their work. One of the things I notice is that people are willing to spend far more money to make their business life better than they are willing to have an amazing relationship or a personal life filled with peace. It’s understandable from the point of view of a financial investment, but I insist that clients get more than a financial return.

I offer a package for companies that want to provide coaching to their employees.

I am on-call for the the employees (up to two hours a week) and do an hour of coaching with the owners and/or management team. That can look like a separate meeting or feedback on meetings that I sit in and observe. This allows me to support the environment that management is committed to having at both an organizational (top down) and individual level.

This package is $2,500 per quarter and is generally done in person.


I also do individual coaching for entrepreneurs and executives as a one-on-one package.

While the coaching will look at all areas of life, the measures and homework will center on the business results that the client wants to produce.



In 2008 two close friends of mine announced they were getting married. I had known them both separately for many years, they had met at a party I threw, and I had coached them both seperately and inside of their relationship. I was honored when they asked me to perform the ceremony, but informed them that I was pretty sure there were rules about who could and couldn’t perform weddings. Their response was, “You’re smart, you’ll figure out a way.”

After a few weeks of legal research I became a minister in the Universal Life Church which satisfied both the state of Texas’s and the couple’s requirements. I did a three month coaching agreement with them leading up to the wedding where we looked at the areas that could cause conflict, found the ways of being that they were both committing to as a married couple, and looked at what were the important messages they wanted to convey to their guests at the wedding. I wrote the ceremony and followed up with them afterwards (to honor my word in their union).

A year later I had another person ask if I would do the same thing for her wedding. It was an honor to work with her and her fiancee to create a unique ceremony and support them in creating their relationship. I have since been told by a number of couples that they wish they would have had similar support and attention leading up to their weddings and I have recently started offering this as a service. It’s a three month coaching agreement where we look at how to ensure the strength of the marriage starting before the ceremony. I can also write a custom script and perform the wedding upon request, but this is optional.

The personal relationship package is $2,500 for the couple for three months.


The coaching I do applies to all areas of life. Most of my clients want to experience peace, happiness, or some other experience that seems just beyond their grasp.

None of my clients have terrible lives. The general experience is that there is “Something missing.” Some of them want a boat, or to take a great vacation that leaves them energized instead of feeling that they need another vacation to get over the first one.

The foundation of my coaching program covers the distinctions that touch all aspects of our days and in the first conversation the client will pick the specific results they want to accomplish in three months. Some of the results have been: running a triathlon, buying a boat, taking a vacation with a new partner, creating a relationship with a daughter, and lowering their blood pressure to 80/120.

The three month coaching program is $2,500 and consists of a one hour phone call each week, and unlimited contact between calls. That means you can call, text, or email when you want a refresher, want to clarify something, or just want to get in a different frame of mind before Thanksgiving dinner with the family.


Want to coach with me?

Call me 512.947.6288. Text me. Email me at matt at AnExceptionalLife.com.