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Corporate Events

Are your team and company retreats, team building events, or community meetings fun?

Do they get your group excited, sharing, and laughing?

Are they memorable and do people look forward to the next one?

They can, and should be!

As a leadership coach I know that when you have people who are enjoying themselves and are happy about what they are doing you will have better results across the board. Games and competitions are fun and result in better morale, keep your employees and coworkers engaged, and allow for open conversations and creativity. All of these things result in a better bottom line and employee retention.

I have created dozens of unique events for large corporations, small businesses, and local groups that leave people energized and happy. I create signature events  – they are events that only I do and you won’t find anywhere else. Here are a few examples:

  • A game of assassin for a conference dinner with over a hundred attendees. Individuals would sign up to be the target and would have two hired bodyguards protect them for fifteen minutes during the food and dancing. Meanwhile, other attendees would check out a single shot Nerf dart gun and have ten minutes to assassinate the target. Winners got drink tickets and an experience to remember!
  • A custom made scavenger hunt, designed specifically for your location, your group, and your time frame. This has looked like a two hour hunt in Palo Alto, California with items and photos special to the company, a one hour hunt involving a small business complex that could be reused, and a scavenger hunt list created for a local firm that they could use by themselves.
  • Poker tournaments that have ranged from small three hour tournaments for residents of an apartment complex to a two day affair for over a hundred participants. I took the time to become a certified tournament director with the Tournament Directors Association (the body that directs the World Series of Poker and the World Poker Tour) to ensure these events were an experience as similar as possible to playing in a real cash tournament.
  • A day of games for an executive leadership retreat. In the past the group would take till 11 a.m. to rev up and really get involved in the process and then they would be exhausted and frustrated by 2 p.m. I created a Family Feud game (complete with prizes!) for the morning session that got everyone excited and ready to work and we came back for the wind down of the day and did a couple of Minute To Win It style games followed by the Match Game for our top two players. The most memorable moment was watching an executive assistant answer “The Jolly Green Giant’s wife was angry when he returned from New York because she found the Statue of Liberty’s ______ in his suitcase.” with panel was comprised of executives. Her answer was tame, theirs weren’t.
  • A body shot competition in Las Vegas for a swing dance event. I got three judges in referee uniforms, and partners were scored on technical merit (did you spill?) and artistic merit (did I blush?).
  • A beer pong tournament that drew entries from three hours away. I got to research all the different beer pong rules out there as well as the alcohol laws of the state of Texas!

There are many more examples I could give, but what I want to leave you with is the following: I will make sure you and your team have a blast, and do it in a way that is designed around your wants and your budget.

Here’s the added benefit: All of the events can be paired with coaching support as well for employee and leadership development.

Some ideas for you

Idea 1:  I can package a series of quick games run for your management team with a discussion and Q & A on “What makes competitions fun and how do you use that to keep employees engaged?”

Idea 2:  We could also have a scavenger hunt for different sales groups that is combined with a group conversation on “What did the winning teams do that worked, and more importantly, what did the other teams do that was unnecessary and how does that get reflected in work processes?”

Idea 3:

There is really no limit to the ways we can combine unique, fun events custom designed for you with exceptional leadership and organizational coaching.

What participants have to say

“Matt has been a go-to-guy for me since day one. In every instance where I have witnessed Matt it was 100% on the elements of fun and attainment of objectives. Matt is the superlative in this field!” – Didier Jean-Francois, organizer of the Canadian Swing Championships, the largest swing dance competition in the world.

“Matt always puts on a fantastic event and is a pleasure to work with. We have been using him on a regular basis for over four years and they are always on-time, reliable, and work very well with our residents. They run the tournaments without using my staff and really never need any direction from me. They bring all the necessary equipment, handle the event (including dealing with any upset players) and leave the facility looking how it did when they arrived. A truly great company to work with!” – Jenny Mills, Special Events Director at RIATA, an apartment community with over 3,000 residents.

How to budget for my events

Prices for corporate events vary, but for a corporate event you can expect to pay for travel and about $15 a person for a group of 60. Easier or local events are less expensive. Call me at 512-947-6288 or email me at Matt@AnExceptionalLife.com and lets figure out what works for you!